Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scrubs-yes they can be fun.

So scrubs,yeah they can be boring. These wonderfully shapeless outfits of matching excellentness can be boring, if you let it. Scrubs will always be the go to for most medical professionals. But, just because you have to wear these sometimes dull and abnormally comfy clothes, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fun.
Scrubs are universal, men or women can wear them. Doctors, nurses, Medical assistants, dental hygienists, and yes even dog groomers wear them. Scrubs are easy to clean and light weight. Most come with matching jackets even when there is print.And, even with print there are more color options out there to match almost anything. If print isn't your cup of tea,there are a lot of color options available!
Scrubs should fit well and be comfortable, cause you will be wearing them for long periods of time.There are tops out there now that fit more around the waist and some that you really cant tell if they are scrubs or not.The pants can be in just about every style:cargo,elastic waist, flared, straight-legged. But even with all the styling options there is one constant truth,they should FIT.I cant stand the elastic waist pants,they always ride up and I feel like my pants took over the top of my body! That's why I preferred the drawstring/elastic back cargo scrub pants,or, even the drawstring pants that flare at the bottom.
And hey, if you love holidays, there are tops for most seasons and holidays. Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, Easter and St Patrick's day with lots of fun prints.
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