Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring 2011 handbags,clutches,lots of color!

Purses and shoes an obsession? NO, they are my everything! I just love finding a great deal on a pair of rocking heels, or even tennis shoes. Nothing feels as good as that, well , maybe eating a piece of chocolate. I will wait and wait,for things to go on sale. Like when I watched my favorite COACH bag to go on sale and then used a coupon on it! It was awesome! That's just a great feeling,isn't it.
When I'm looking at magazines and going through the stores I notice that this season it seems designers are making purses and shoes more of a statement in color.Whether the colors are BAM in your face or subtle they are there. For instance,PRADA has created leather shoes and purses of all different colored leather woven together in daring patterns.It's a lot to look at,but with the right outfit it works.
But, I'm not saying you should drop a small fortune on them,because you can get around it by finding deals on great handbags,wallets and clutches at low prices. Shoes and handbags that fit right with the season. Both big purses(for those of you who,like me, have to carry everything with them)and clutches of bright hues ready for the spring and summer to start. But even with all the bright colors and endless options, the classic black purse is always still in just like the little black dress.So,yeah be daring be bold, get a big purse, and take your house around with you.In the mean-time take a look at these cute finds!

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