Monday, February 28, 2011

Watches one the best accessories!

I just love watches, they are a great accessory for any outfit or situation. Whether they are plastic, metal, or ceramic,watches offer a great deal of looks for what ever you are wearing. They can be formal or just for fun.
I just got a beautiful plastic Michael Kors watch on sale, the other day, and I love it! The other watch I just love is Fossil's white ceramic watch with rose gold. It's such a classy watch. Got to love Fossil, they have excellent warranties and pretty watches.
Watches aren't just for the ladies, there are some pretty incredible watches for men too! There are many classic pieces, but are many amazing modern watches. I swear my husband has more watches than I shoes!
So, here are some amazing watch deals for you ladies and gents! Happy shopping!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fabulous Finds

Got to love sales! Whether the sale is at the grocery store, book store or in Macey's sales are just fun. People love saving money, especially on their favorite things. I love to save on designer brands and fashions. Even with gas prices going up, I mean WAAAAAAY up, you can still buy the things you want. You dont even have to leave home, just shopping online for your favorite fashions and accessories can save on gas and you will have fun!

Dresses are a fun piece of fashion pair it with some great accessories and you are good to go. Dresses can be formal, casual, for business, or just going around town.Here are some great dress deals!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coach frenzy!

Coach for me used to be what I thought was a boring handbag line that only offered limited color options for purses.I would see women around the area with the purses and they all looked alike.Tan, with black or brown trim with the big C's all over them.I used to not like it cause I thought everyone had one and they all seemed to buy the same style.That is until I went into an actual coach store....and holy cow.I found a bright pink purse with my name written all over it. So, I waited for it to be marked down and then got a nifty coupon. When I got my purse I realized maybe there is something there for everyone. Now, I love Coach and I think the wristlets are the greatest things since peanut butter! The POPPY line is really fun and I absolutely love the colors! Just so you know sign up for their emails you will get great coupons from time to time as well as looks into up and coming designs. The coupons can even be used at their outlet stores, which are actual COACH factory stores.There are some great bargains to be had there especially when you get the email coupons and they hand you one when you walk in.Other companies do this as well, like Dooney and Bourke.Who I wish I had gotten the Scottie dog wallet with the cute dog bone zipper when I had the chance....oh well.Anyways Happy shopping!
If you did miss out on their email that's OK, here's some more great savings!

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Ok guys, I dont want you all to feel left out! Men need fashionable clothes and accessories too. From wallets to shoes, there are things for them and on sale! You can get your boyfriend,fiance, or husband some great clothes and shoes! Or even get some great gifts for dad! Here are some great wallets and bags or shoes!

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Spring Savings

It is time once again for spring shopping and ugh flu season, its so much fun!Well, the shopping part is fun,flu not so much.These days everyone loves to save money and save it on clothes, shoes and other accessories. I love to shop the sale racks at stores and sales online! Sometimes shopping online can save you more money than going to the store, for instance, if you don't want to use up your gas driving to the mall, or outlet centers you can just sit at home and find what you want online. A lot of online stores are offering lots of free shipping along with discounts and sale prices. The downside, you wont be able to try things on but, most companies don't mind you sending the item back. Now, if the sale is awesome and I have a great in store coupon, yes I will drive to get what I want. But, I do love shopping online its the best past time, especially if you are home sick with the flu. What else can you do, other that sit and watch TV or sleep.So with that, Shop away my friends, shop away!