Sunday, May 22, 2011


You have all seen the ads, the commercials, and people wearing them. I am talking about shape ups by sketchers. Yes those interesting shoes with a wedge platform, they are supposed to make you feel taller, shape your butt and thighs. But, do they work? Have any of you tried them or the competition's Reebok. After trying on some shoes that are similar by AVIA, I tried on the Shapeups and then purchased them sometime later. I was curious to see if they work, I am on my feet mostly and had been told by a person at the Sketchers store they are great. Why not?!

The shoes are designed to be and feel like you are walking on a sandy beach. I have walked on beaches before and to me, the shoes do not feel like sand. For any of you that have walked on a soft sand beach you all know this scenario. You step down, your foot sinks, you waddle and step up, repeat. It is annoying, excruciating and is quite the work out to get to your car. The sketcher's shoe is supposed to feel like that?

The other point this shoe has is to find your "center of balance" I did not find that all to be difficult. The shoe is supposed to help you straighten up by making you do a balancing act. And an act it is when you put them on and wobble like a punching bag. It is quite entertaining for those around you. Once you find that "balance" try to walk it is fun.

You basically have to roll your foot and walk. The shoes react to you walking they compress and expand. I definitely felt the pull and stretch on my calves. Although, at first I felt funny cause I did not think I was using them right.

The shoes come with a stretching manual and instructions. Now most of us get warning flags "IF THE SHOES COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS PUT DOWN AND WALK AWAY". Really, the instructions do help if you read them. There is a page for pre walking shape up stretches for your calves and feet. There is also a piece on how to walk in the shoes. The last thing you want to do is look like a Neanderthal wandering around the office or walk ways.

With all that I wonder if the shoes really do help. I have worn mine for a week and felt some "burn". I could notice the shoes working on my calves and butt. Now, it could all just be in my head, wishful thinking. But, it definitely made me want to do more workouts, walking more and doing palates guess the key is for it to work you have to wear them and USE them. If you buy them, just wear them casually and don’t walk any where with them on, then don’t buy them. Instead of buying the shapeups if that is you buy the Dlites, they are a comfy shoe. So, we shall see how they do and I will keep you Till next time!

These are cute!


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At home

So, it is my day off and I am just sitting around the house not doing much of anything. I really have no where to go to, and was not planning on leaving the house. What do I wear, I hear my friends say they just walk around in their pj's all day and do not change out of that. I have other friends that say they put on something else like sweatpants or something. Me? I wear whatever.
Now I do change out of my pjs when I am home all day. To me if I wear my pjs all day then I feel more lazy and do not feel like moving around. I become a slug and get glued to the couch.

Through out the week I'll be in the usual uniform, scrubs. Now granted while not always physically appealing to the opposite sex, they are comfy. If you shop right you can find some cute scrubs. I posted some I thought looked nice here
But when you wear a uniform every day all day you tend to want to wear something fun on you days off of work. I like to dress in cute clothes even if I know I will be staying home. The reason for this is you never know who will "pop in" to see you and it feels great to wear something different. It is a nice self esteem booster to wear something nice and feel good in.

But shoes when you are at home? Do you go sans shoes and just walk around barefoot? Or do you go the nine yards and wear cute shoes? Do you just forgo the shoes that would match the outfit you are wearing or do you just stick to flip flops? Me? Well it depends on what mood I'm in to wear what shoe. I love shoes we all know this but when I am at home I wear mostly flats or flip flops. I have pets so nothing is worse than walking around in a cute pair of plats and you trip over the dog. OUCH. But there are times where I just want to wear heels like a cute pair of BCBG; I wear sneakers all the time.

Now here are some cute shoes and some good savings! When and where you wear them is up to you!

I love wedges nothing beats a pair of cute shorts with a adorable wedge platform shoe!

These scream summer!

these just go with almost everything!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011


So,I took a few days to think of ways to get around the shoe shopping drama I talked about in the last blog. I just cannot stand going to a store and not finding what I need or want. I also sometimes have trouble dealing with overcrowded stores around certain times of the year. For example, Christmas is one of those times or black Friday. Coming from a retail background you sometimes loathe going out on days like that. So, I like online shopping, it's convenient and it’s quick. You don't have to waste gas driving to the nearest Macy's or Toys R Us only to find that much desired item is not there! Why not online shop? You do not have to leave home and you can get some amazing deals

When I asked people I know what they think about it I got 3 sides, side a, side B, and Side C. Now, I put them into groups and can talk about each group.

Group A, they don't mind shopping online. They find what they want and where they want it. They said they don't mind shopping online cause they know they can sometimes get a better deal and like getting mail. What a this digital age who would have thought. Most of them shop online mostly for shoes, pet accessories, kids items, purses, clothes, and yes cell phone accessories. They do not feel threatened or insecure about shopping online. And feel perfectly safe, as there is pay pal and other safety precautions when shopping online. The same group also knew which sites are safe to purchase from and which are not. They know how to shop on eBay and Amazon. I know a lot of people in group A, my sister, for example, are in group A. She says she cannot stand shopping in store. She hates the crowds and the waiting in line and shuffling around. She prefers shopping online because she knows she can get what she wants quickly without getting all the other stuff or taking an hour to get out. People like this love to shop online for the quickness, and the lack of people. I asked someone else and they said coupons and deals come easier online. For them clicking on coupons is fun and they are saving. Who wouldn't love to get free shipping and 15% percent off?!

Then there was group B, good old fashioned group B. These people didn't feel so safe shopping online. These same people think that everyone will steal any information take out millions in credit cards and shop away at the nearest gas station. Where the thief will undoubtedly buy Cheetos, mountain dew and scratch off tickets. I can understand their worry. I have myself had my card taken and someone bought a shirt at some store, there is a thing called fraud protection. LOVE IT. Anyway, I asked some of these people what another reason for their hesitation about shopping online, even from sites like Target or Best buy. Their replies were almost all the same. I asked several different people on several different occasions. Their response was one word, touch. They want to touch the item; they want to feel it in their hands. They want to smell it, think candles here or cosmetics. They want to try it on and see it in person. No matter if it’s a comforter set or a pair of Jimmy Choo's, they have to hold and feel. It is a sense of ownership, as I had learned from being a sales person for what seemed like a million years. In one training class a lady said, Customers like to hold things and get that sense of ownership, so hand them the product let them hold it, and they will buy it. For people in group B this is gospel.

Then last but not least Group C. This is the more grey area group. One way or another they can do both. These people do not mind going into stores and also have no fear of buying things from online sites like

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These people said that they did not care one way or another. They do their shopping in store and like to hold things like group B, but did not mind going online to find a better deal. Convenience is what can be the driving point for Group C. I asked people how they felt about shopping online and V.s in store shopping. A lot of times with group C it is middle ground. A lot of "either way' and "doesn't matter" or "I don't care shopping in store or at home is all the same to me" That is group C.

The other thing about shopping online is this, saving time and money. Gas is getting outrageous and who has the time to get to the mall? For this you may want to shop online. If you drive a gas guzzler pay attention FREE SHIPPING! There are a lot of reputable shopping sites that will do free shipping. Some is a certain amount and others are not. So what if you have to wait 5 to 7 business days. You are saving time and money.Sites like these

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Now you will see that there are a lot of times coupons on the adds or a link for coupons under the add or banner add. This takes you to the site and allows you to use the coupon. Or if you have to enter it in I write it down, as I am forgetful. Some pages just have text links. Text links like this:
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A lot because I just love shoe shopping and love their service.
But, whether you shop online or in the stores, it is all a matter of preference. It is a matter of convenience and most important saving money. So, with that here are some more great savings for you savvy shoppers out there shopping online.

For people who want great savings on scrubs and uniforms check these out.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Troubles in shoe paradise.

Has this ever happened to you? You're in a store to find a pair of shoes and none are in your size! Well it happens to me a lot...I mean a lot. It's like I was not meant to have a cute pair of shoes sometimes. And this phenomenon happens more when I really truly need them bad! Like for a wedding, or for an important event, or..just because I want them. Have any of you had this trouble? What could I do to make it better?

I am a size 7, well 7 1/2 depending on shoe manufacturer or store. So, I thought, why does this happen so much? I wondered if this was a very common shoe size. I did some research and was shocked at what I found. Are you ready for this? According to 9 to 9.5 is the average foot size for women in the United States. Really? Seriously? I thought it was 7.5-8 seems like women's feet are getting bigger?
Interesting as it is, there still never seems to be enough size 7 to 7.5 to go around.

What about this scenario, you are in a major dept store, you ask the sales associate for your size in a certain lets say Jessica Simpson platform. You watch them disappear into the back room, and they come back like what seems 5 years later? It's like they had to go to Narnia to find your shoes, by that time you are tired and just want to try them on and leave. Or in some cases just pick the darned things up and buy them, you can just return them later. You know there is that "30" day return policy, after all you are a busy person. Trust me; I know that pain all too well.
What’s worse about situations like that is if you hate shopping in stores or shopping in general.

Ok, I can think of a worse scenario,when nothing fits. Just go back to this posting and you will see what I'm talking about we have all been there.

So, what's the solution?

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