Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fab Flats, a new found respect.

I love my heels, love them to death. I would wear them to bed if it wouldn't annoy me or hurt my poor husband. I went through my whole pregnancy with heels on and looking fabulous.It wasn't until recently where I have been forced to embrace wearing flats. I do actually own a couple of pairs, two actually. I do like them, but still prefer my heels. 

It is so hard going from this to a flat shoe. I love how I feel in heels and love having that illusion that I am taller than I actually am. With heels if your pants are long it is ok, the heels fix that. With flats it makes your pants drag on the floor. That annoys the dickens out of me, I hate having my pants drag on the floor and getting damaged or wet. But, alas, I was pretty much taken out of them. After being in the hospital it was determined to not wear them perhaps. The doctors didn't say I had to stop wearing them in so many words. They did kind of say limited wear and being put on bed rest definitely helped with the no wear. I do wear shoes when I leave the home, but am more careful in my choices. Flats have become more common place for me. I figure now, if something were to happen, people around me would feel better. 
However, that being said, let me say this in triage there were plenty of mama's wearing heels and doing just fine! So, there to anti-pregnant in heels wearers!

Now flats do not have to be boring or blah, they can be fun and funky like heels. Sometimes an outfit will look just as good with a pair of ballet flats. I am definitely going to add more flats to my closet, but I still love my heels. I do want to say that I have a new found respect for these little shoes and perhaps I even misjudged them.
Jessica Simpson $79.99

Two Lips $54

Giuseppe Zanotti $349

Miu Miu $475

Salvatore Ferragamo $249
Bottega Venetta
Fendi $385

Diane Von Furstenburg $119

Christian Dior $517
BCBG $53

Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's in your wallet?

I talk a lot about handbags and stuff like that. But, I noticed I don't really talk about wallets. Wallets are just as important as the handbag. It is really a "duh" factor, at least when you think about it. Wallets are in the bag but they tend to carry the most important stuff. I am talking about money, license,and insurance cards.So, while the bag may be fabulous, why can't the wallet be too? The truth is it can be! 
Now, I am not saying that the wallet MUST match the bag, it doesn't have to. But I know many,many ladies that do that. My sister is one of them, as for me, I don't really match my wallet to my bag. I tend to pick very vibrant handbags and it is hard to match a wallet to the bag. For instance, I have a pink Coach and use a silver wallet. No big deal,right? 
Fendi $635

Givenchy $500

Marc Jacobs $265

Louis Vuitton $495

Chanel $2498

Coach $175

Louis Vuitton $775
Kate Spade $225
Betsey Johnson $29.99

Juicy Couture $49.99
These wallets are just some of my picks, they are by no means the end all be all. Infact it is quite the contrary, there are so many out there worth getting. So many cute wallets and really inexpensive. If

Red dress diva

For years it seems like people have been shy of the red dress. The red dress has symbolized being naughty or a vixen, think back to the film” Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Jessica Rabbit in her long red dress and purple gloves. She was a vixen and the red dress symbolized that. Or when Rhett Butler told Scarlett to “play the part”,making her wear a bright red dress to Ashley’s birthday. You know the dress was to show everyone she was in trouble for being “promiscuous. These are just some of the ways the poor red dress has been misinterpreted, until Julia Roberts wore that red dress in Pretty Woman. Even still today many women are afraid of this gorgeous hued dress. I’m not exactly sure why, ladies can wear neon pants(shudder) but, they can’t wear a cute red dress. Am I missing something?

Calvin Klein $75.99
I love how simple this dress is, so chic and elegant.

Shoshanna $187
This adorable dress would be great day or night. For this dress it would be all about the accessories.

BCBGMAxazria $160
This is just a sweet little dress, I adore sweetheart necklines. Just adorable.

Alexander McQueen $740
Ok, this dress may not look the most amazing but it spoke to me. It is just unique and strangely alluring.

Nicole Miller$139
Another chic choice, but the one thing I want to point out is the color. It is a red but it is a deeper red. More of a red wine color.

Kay Unger $160
This dress is just fun, I love it!

Tahari $59.99
Another great dress, and this one is just a dress you would want to just keep in your clothing arsenol.

Cavalli $439

This is just cute, more of a coral red. Need I say more?

Roccobarocco $249
I love how feminine this is, perfect for Valentines day.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The LBD: "little black dress"

They say every lady should own one, and the designers may be right.  The lbd, can be the one item in a woman's closet that is a constant go to. The thought, "I have to be somewhere and no clue what to wear" comes to mind a lot. It is so simple,grab black dress, get shoes on, and depending where I am going what bag to bring.  It is a great piece that is forever stylish and never will go out of fashion. Once only a color worn by widows and funerals attendees, it is now a dress for any occasion. So get your Louboutins ready and your cocktails shaken, it is time for some little black dress fun!
Suzi Chin $104

This dress can be great for a night out with the girls or a spontaneous date night with your guy.
Nicole Miller $195

This is a great basic black dress, pair with some great shoes and you are all set.
Wyatt black jersey dress $79
 Feeling a bit bloated, hide it with a loose fitting black dress.
Mark and James $165

I love this how simple it is but this dress has great embelishments, very similar to a dress worn by Kyle Richards on one of the Reunion specials on Bravo.
Wyatt peplum $69
I love the looks of peplum dresses. This dress is just a lot of fun!
Elie Tahari $255
This is a great slimming dress. This is a color block dress but can still be a little black dress sub.
Marc By Marc Jacobs shift$299

This dress just looks comfy and easy to wear. Just pair with a great bag and some cute shoes this can be a great asset.
Free people $93.99
Ok, I love the collar on this dress. I can think of a million shoes or bags to go with this. The great thing about this dress is there is not a lot of need for coupious ammounts of jewelry. Just some simple studs and your done! I want this dress.
As you can see there are many LBD to choose from. Remember no one ever said you could only have one lbd in your closet!

Gucci spring/summer 2013

This is adorable and vibrant stuff!!! I can't wait for summer!

Easy cakes!!

Homemade pancakes,toss that box!!!! | Tasty Treats

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out the door,effortless fashion


Picture this, you’re tired and you need to go somewhere. But,you do not want to make too much effort in anything. This includes clothing. Well no fear effortless clothing options are here. I know that with life there are times where you know you should get dressed and be presentable. However, you are just in a state of poopiedom to care or put too much thought into it. So, here is the plan simple clothes, and accessories.
Take a look at the pic above. It looks great right? You betcha! But look how simple it is. A pair of leggings, a sweater, boots, and a bag. DONE. To borrow a page from how Chef Gordon Ramsey shows recipes; leggings on,sweater on, boots on, hair up, add lip gloss. The perfect low key outfit to go anywhere finished. BRILLIANT. There is a diaper bag in the picture this is to show this kind of outfit would work for anyone in a hurry. No real accessories to match up. Hell, throw your hair up in a tail or bun and add gloss, no one would know you just rolled off the couch.
You don’t have to have top designer either.This can be accomplished with any outfit with the basic principal behind it.
Let’s try another.

I love this a cute pair of jeans a white tank, shoes,a bright bag, OR, if you do not have time, mama’s, your diaper bag and look ready for out of the house time. And not even, quick if you have someone call and they are just around the corner on the way to visit. EEEKKK.
Ok so it is date night and you are running behind. You have on a sweater some leggings and just flip-flops on because that is what you were wearing earlier. Want to go from day to night?

Change the shoes,add a simple bracelet, lip gloss, and chic bag or clutch. This is simple and easy to do, hair can be wavy or straight.
Think about how effortless it is fashion shouldn’t be forced or a real effort. But I know sometimes it is an effort to do it.

Autumn Cashmere sweater $189
This sweater is also great for those bloated days too!

Autumn Cashmere $129

This sweater looks comfy,I could so lounge in this as well as wear elsewhere.

Bebe Rodeo Dr tank $49
A great white tank can be such a great investment in the clothing arsenol.

Fendi lace up boots $786.99
These boots are hot! This is a great boot by Fendi, this boot will look great even with a white pair of skinnies or jeans. I want!

Miu Miu $585
Oh another great shoe by Miu Miu, I love it. Do not be scared by sparkle, I have worn glittery shoes bye Steve Madden to the grocery store with just jeans and a cute basic tee.

Juicy Couture Baby $215
This is just all around cute. Adorable.