Sunday, April 24, 2011

Accessories: the cell phone and Ipad.

It's been awhile since I have put anything up, been really busy. When wanting to remodel your home it tends to take up all your time. I did get out to wonder about the malls and actually shop.It was great to get out and look at clothes and shops.I fell inlove with some cute clothes and shoes.And of course I had to look at the purses in Coach. I got alot of ideas after passing by alot of cell phone case kiosks.

I remember looking at Vogue and in one month's issue it had pictures of Ipad cases and cell phone cases. Marc Jacobs has designed Ipad cases. I thought hmm how interesting, can an Ipad or tablet like the Samsung or even NOOK be an accessory. Alot of people carry them around with them EVERYWHERE. Just like the cell phone which in my opinion can be a nifty accessory. My Iphone has a bright pink case and its always with me and matches my purse. When I was at the Apple store I looked for the Marc Jacobs cases.Sure enough,there they were. Bright pink,purple,turqouise, and black foam rubber cases. I would tote mine around in that if I had one. It's pretty durable looking and seemed like it would keep it from getting dinged up. There was also a MARC by Marc Jacobs silcone jelly case,and they come in some pretty shades. Im sure there are more blingy ones out there if that's what you like. I love sparkly cases, but there was something pretty chic about it.

But will the tablets and cell phones continue to become the best accessory. They are certainly around enough. And just like shoes and purses they are always there.Unlike shoes or clothes there is no trying on,no wondering if they fit,wondering if they look silly on you,your body type or age.You just need to know what cell phone you have,seems like people know that more than their own pant size.You always see a phone on someone,in hand or pocket,ear buds on.People always have to feel "connected" might as well have a fun case to not only protect them but to look great. They can really reflect the person who uses the phone or tablet.

I match my phone to my purse or how I'm feeling, just like a handbag some days you just feel like your in a purple or blue mood. Get the right shoes and you are good to go too. Why not have fun with it? I know I do!

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