Sunday, May 22, 2011


You have all seen the ads, the commercials, and people wearing them. I am talking about shape ups by sketchers. Yes those interesting shoes with a wedge platform, they are supposed to make you feel taller, shape your butt and thighs. But, do they work? Have any of you tried them or the competition's Reebok. After trying on some shoes that are similar by AVIA, I tried on the Shapeups and then purchased them sometime later. I was curious to see if they work, I am on my feet mostly and had been told by a person at the Sketchers store they are great. Why not?!

The shoes are designed to be and feel like you are walking on a sandy beach. I have walked on beaches before and to me, the shoes do not feel like sand. For any of you that have walked on a soft sand beach you all know this scenario. You step down, your foot sinks, you waddle and step up, repeat. It is annoying, excruciating and is quite the work out to get to your car. The sketcher's shoe is supposed to feel like that?

The other point this shoe has is to find your "center of balance" I did not find that all to be difficult. The shoe is supposed to help you straighten up by making you do a balancing act. And an act it is when you put them on and wobble like a punching bag. It is quite entertaining for those around you. Once you find that "balance" try to walk it is fun.

You basically have to roll your foot and walk. The shoes react to you walking they compress and expand. I definitely felt the pull and stretch on my calves. Although, at first I felt funny cause I did not think I was using them right.

The shoes come with a stretching manual and instructions. Now most of us get warning flags "IF THE SHOES COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS PUT DOWN AND WALK AWAY". Really, the instructions do help if you read them. There is a page for pre walking shape up stretches for your calves and feet. There is also a piece on how to walk in the shoes. The last thing you want to do is look like a Neanderthal wandering around the office or walk ways.

With all that I wonder if the shoes really do help. I have worn mine for a week and felt some "burn". I could notice the shoes working on my calves and butt. Now, it could all just be in my head, wishful thinking. But, it definitely made me want to do more workouts, walking more and doing palates guess the key is for it to work you have to wear them and USE them. If you buy them, just wear them casually and don’t walk any where with them on, then don’t buy them. Instead of buying the shapeups if that is you buy the Dlites, they are a comfy shoe. So, we shall see how they do and I will keep you Till next time!

These are cute!


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