Sunday, May 22, 2011

At home

So, it is my day off and I am just sitting around the house not doing much of anything. I really have no where to go to, and was not planning on leaving the house. What do I wear, I hear my friends say they just walk around in their pj's all day and do not change out of that. I have other friends that say they put on something else like sweatpants or something. Me? I wear whatever.
Now I do change out of my pjs when I am home all day. To me if I wear my pjs all day then I feel more lazy and do not feel like moving around. I become a slug and get glued to the couch.

Through out the week I'll be in the usual uniform, scrubs. Now granted while not always physically appealing to the opposite sex, they are comfy. If you shop right you can find some cute scrubs. I posted some I thought looked nice here
But when you wear a uniform every day all day you tend to want to wear something fun on you days off of work. I like to dress in cute clothes even if I know I will be staying home. The reason for this is you never know who will "pop in" to see you and it feels great to wear something different. It is a nice self esteem booster to wear something nice and feel good in.

But shoes when you are at home? Do you go sans shoes and just walk around barefoot? Or do you go the nine yards and wear cute shoes? Do you just forgo the shoes that would match the outfit you are wearing or do you just stick to flip flops? Me? Well it depends on what mood I'm in to wear what shoe. I love shoes we all know this but when I am at home I wear mostly flats or flip flops. I have pets so nothing is worse than walking around in a cute pair of plats and you trip over the dog. OUCH. But there are times where I just want to wear heels like a cute pair of BCBG; I wear sneakers all the time.

Now here are some cute shoes and some good savings! When and where you wear them is up to you!

I love wedges nothing beats a pair of cute shorts with a adorable wedge platform shoe!

These scream summer!

these just go with almost everything!

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