Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer goodness

Ahhh its June,what a wonderfully hot month this year. The first month of summer and its time for the beach, pool or vacation! Cruises, beach resorts and theme parks are all in full force.For summer straw bags, floral light dresses, shorts and alot of swimwear are everywhere! You can see more swimwear and summer greats here

I recently purchased a long dress, it is a comfortable light weight fabric with beatiful floral print. Perfect for summer, or so I thought. In the store it seemed ok until later at home. After Ironing the dress, I put it on and walked around my house then sat down for a bit to watch tv. Everything about the dress was ok, until I got up and realized that the dress wrinkled again. In a matter of 30 minutes it wrinkled and I was just sitting. I'm not sure about you but how would you feel if you were out and then stood up and had a wrinkly dress? It looked like I just took it out of a dryer and did not take the time to iron it. What alot of work for a 24 dollar dress.I have quite a few long summer dresses as well as short ones. But,right now I am currently torn do I keep the dress or return it? I got to think about it some more.
Straw bags are out and there are alot of them and at great prices. So what ones to get to look chic and not like you are carrying around grandma's purse. There are some really cute ones out right now.They are excellent for the beach or just a day out at the pool and some of the purses look great for the resorts. Time for some retail therapy!

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