Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Shoes

It's summer and it is hot outside! What a great time to sit at the pool, go to the beach, get a tan (if you have the time) or just wander about. It is a great time to wear an adorable pair of sandals, wedges, or bright colored plats. I love summer because you can wear so much and feel great. Wearing shorts or dresses with adorable shoes to show off that tan is amazing. Of course you can still wear jeans; I know a lot of people wear jeans even though it is 102 degrees outside. I am sometimes one of those people who wear jeans. But, I want to talk about shoes,mostly because I love shoes and need new ones, slowly but surely I am replacing my shoe closet. I am still eyeballing the shoes I posted about here:
I still want some of those shoes..still wanting them.
There are many cute sandals out now it is incredible!There are so many styles of sandals, there is a pair out there for pretty much anybody! Even if you are a flip-flop kind of person there are really cute and chic flips out there for you! And if you look just right for them you can find some great deals on shoes online for summer! Great thing about shopping online for shoes unlike pants, all you need to know really is your shoe size. Well, purse shopping online or cell phone case shopping online is easier than that. But, nevermind about that we are talking about shoes here!
Im going to post some of the sandals and wedges, etc that I like, feel free to take a look and I am sure you will find what you like too! Ill post links to the sites as well as any savings I find!

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