Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Exercise wear.

So, today is just one of those days. You know, where you get up look in your closet and feel like nothing fits. Got to love days like that where everything is just blaaaaaaaaaaaaah. So, rather than sit like a lump on the couch I decided I'm going to get up and go! Exercise, yup, exercise. But, I realized I don't have any exercise clothing,well at least nothing cute. I thought what a great thing to share exercise clothes and shoes.
Who said you have to wear frumpy sweat pants and shirts when exercising? I feel they should be comfortable and easy to run or walk in. Also, shoes, shoes are important a nice pair of sneakers ahhhh comfy feet. Although, I have heard of women exercising in stilettos, but ouch.
I can't see myself on the elliptical in a pair of Coach pumps....or could I? Hmmmm 911 is on speed dial right? I have tried the Sketchers shape ups, they feel like little bouncy pillows attached to the feet. I wonder if they really work?
On a funny side note, I didn't realize we had weights in the garage.When I was exercising in my home I used 2 cans of spaghetti sauce, I know ,I know that's just silly. It worked! My husband looked at me and said "You do realize we have weights in the garage,right?" WHY DIDN'T HE TELL ME! Oh well, such is life, as silly as it is.


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