Saturday, March 19, 2011


I love weddings! I love finding out what dress the person is wearing, what the bridal party is wearing and how its set up! The dresses are just so beautiful and elegant,every girl turns into a princess for one day. Or a queen if you like that title better. There are so many things to do and see when planning that special day. One thing some girls dont think of is bridal expos.

At bridal shows/expos you get to see the latest dress trends meet lots of vendors and sign up for chances to win alot of free stuff! I entered into a drawing for free bridal jewelry and won an amazing ring! You can get lots of savings ideas too, not just on the vendors but if you ask the right people you can save on one of the most important parts of the wedding. The dress! But, now lots of ladies are shopping online for their dresses. And why not?

Well, online dress shopping for bridal can save you money and there are thousand of places to go to. There is a downside, you wont be able to try the dress on until it gets to you. But if you have been trying on lots of dresses(like I did) you may be able to narrow it down more to knowing your size and body type. Alot of the companies will allow you to ship the dress back if it doesnt fit right or look right. Sometimes the thought of saving money will make it easier to buy what you want online.

The other thing is the shoes, one thing I couldn't stand was "You have to get these shoes for this dress" No you dont. I love how brides are getting more bold with their shoes. Nothing is more fun than a bright pink or blue shoe with a white dress! No one says you have to go super traditional and have white or silver shoes. Have fun with it!

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