Sunday, March 20, 2011

Purse wars

It's a never ending battle between good and evil here. It's the never ending purse battle, you have to many, you need to clean house blah blah, etc. Well, ok,maybe. I have gone through my purses and I think I will be getting rid of the ones I just dont use anymore or forgot I had. Yard sale time or ebay. I will promptly replace them with something better hahaha. I went through my shoes and got rid of ones I no longer wear, or can wear. Which is good. This falls right into the spring cleaning thing, right? I would say New years thing start off fresh, but its you know March. So, yeah spring cleaning. Perfect! Now if I could just clean the pantry like I do the closet all will be good for me...but that's a work in progress. I like my snacks.But I did find some ideas to replace what I am getting rid of and they are reasonable priced shoes and purses.

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