Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wedding Week: day 1

Nothing is more important that the big day. Its the day where all attention goes on the bride and its about the gown. I just loved the dress I had for my wedding, so pretty and I felt like such a princess. Every girl dreams of that "big"day, girls start to think about really young. Alot of women know exactly what they want to wear, what their girls will wear, what the guys wear, and how its worn. Sometimes it makes ladies seem like bridezillas but when you are dreaming of that day, its understandable why you want things a certain way. Some girls want a princess gown, others a mermaid, and then some like light dresses. The only thing is looking back on some of the old fashion back in the 90's and the big hair and sleeves, makes me wonder if my kids will do what we do to our parents...."OMG look at your hair! and what's with that dress?!"
I know fashion changes all the time in bridal as much as anything else, it will be interesting to see what happens.

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