Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eyeliner dreams

With all this mascara talk got me thinking about eyeliners. Eyeliner is essential in making a look complete and eye look pop and wow.  Eyeliners can be bright and colorful or nuetral and basic. Eyeliners come in many different packages and styles. Eyeliners can be cremes,traditional pencils,liquid,gels,pens, and some powder to wet. You can use brushes or the way the liners come packaged.
Let's talk about liquid liner first. So versatile and this liner can give you those Cleopatra eyes with ease! It does take practice but once you get the hang of it, this can open a door of trendy possibilities.
Lancome artliner has to be one of my absolute favorite liquid liners. Goes on smooth and lasts.
Estee Lauder doublewear eyeliner, this liner is also a great liquid liner.
Chanel eqriture de chanel liquid eyeliner. This liner is like a pen and gives great control.
Wet n' wild liquid liner, ok not a bad liner but can get watery. Shake really well.
Cg lashblast 24hr liner, this liner is pretty good. Cg has come a long way .
E.L.F  this eyeliner it wonerful liner is great and comes in many shades!
Pencils and pens. Not for writing.
My fave pencil,this little glittery gem is so much fun. I love it.
Christian Dior Dior show waterproof liner is some great stuff, I have used my liner t I a nub. It is soft and goes on smooth.
Clinique khol liner is smooth and easy for smudging. Perfect!
Quickliner for eyes , great for quickness. But, these do have a shelf life too. They can dry up.
Almay liner is a great product goes on smooth and is great to have in your arsenal.
Wet n' wild eyeliner pencil. This is a staple for many tweens and teens. This was my first eyeliner too. Was affordable and accessible.
Gels! Cremes lets have fun!!!!
Maybelline lasting drama gel liner. This liner is smooth, but I would use an angle brush.
E.l.f liner this little pot of liner can be a great asset of the makeup case. Comes with an angle brush.
Elizabeth Arden gel  liner, this liner is pretty good I don't have many Arden products but this eyeliner is great!
There are many more than this, for instance Mac makes a great liner and so does clinique. .

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