Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fab Flats, a new found respect.

I love my heels, love them to death. I would wear them to bed if it wouldn't annoy me or hurt my poor husband. I went through my whole pregnancy with heels on and looking fabulous.It wasn't until recently where I have been forced to embrace wearing flats. I do actually own a couple of pairs, two actually. I do like them, but still prefer my heels. 

It is so hard going from this to a flat shoe. I love how I feel in heels and love having that illusion that I am taller than I actually am. With heels if your pants are long it is ok, the heels fix that. With flats it makes your pants drag on the floor. That annoys the dickens out of me, I hate having my pants drag on the floor and getting damaged or wet. But, alas, I was pretty much taken out of them. After being in the hospital it was determined to not wear them perhaps. The doctors didn't say I had to stop wearing them in so many words. They did kind of say limited wear and being put on bed rest definitely helped with the no wear. I do wear shoes when I leave the home, but am more careful in my choices. Flats have become more common place for me. I figure now, if something were to happen, people around me would feel better. 
However, that being said, let me say this in triage there were plenty of mama's wearing heels and doing just fine! So, there to anti-pregnant in heels wearers!

Now flats do not have to be boring or blah, they can be fun and funky like heels. Sometimes an outfit will look just as good with a pair of ballet flats. I am definitely going to add more flats to my closet, but I still love my heels. I do want to say that I have a new found respect for these little shoes and perhaps I even misjudged them.
Jessica Simpson $79.99

Two Lips $54

Giuseppe Zanotti $349

Miu Miu $475

Salvatore Ferragamo $249
Bottega Venetta
Fendi $385

Diane Von Furstenburg $119

Christian Dior $517
BCBG $53


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