Sunday, January 20, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target

Target, you just keep me smiling! I love the store already, I am always happy when I go there. Except a few times I'll be honest was less than exemplary. But other than that it has been great. Target has been my go to for years and will continue to be so.
Target has been stepping above the curve by getting top designers to make clothes and other items for their stores. Brilliant on their part! Jason Wu was a successful endeavor and while some of the Neiman Marcus was a bust, there was plenty of great items.  Target wants people to get top designer clothes for Target prices how awesome. Especially in this economy people want to get those items they may never get a chance to otherwise.
This time around Target got Prabal Gurung!! How exciting! I will definitely go and wait in line for this opportunity! Not only to chronicle the hysteria but to get stuff myself.  The line is going to be launched on February 10th. I can't wait to experience it, and hope I can get there early to at least find some great things.
Last time I missed alot and didn't get what I wanted. Bummer. This time will be different!

All I can say is I wonder who will be next!!

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