Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's in your wallet?

I talk a lot about handbags and stuff like that. But, I noticed I don't really talk about wallets. Wallets are just as important as the handbag. It is really a "duh" factor, at least when you think about it. Wallets are in the bag but they tend to carry the most important stuff. I am talking about money, license,and insurance cards.So, while the bag may be fabulous, why can't the wallet be too? The truth is it can be! 
Now, I am not saying that the wallet MUST match the bag, it doesn't have to. But I know many,many ladies that do that. My sister is one of them, as for me, I don't really match my wallet to my bag. I tend to pick very vibrant handbags and it is hard to match a wallet to the bag. For instance, I have a pink Coach and use a silver wallet. No big deal,right? 
Fendi $635

Givenchy $500

Marc Jacobs $265

Louis Vuitton $495

Chanel $2498

Coach $175

Louis Vuitton $775
Kate Spade $225
Betsey Johnson $29.99

Juicy Couture $49.99
These wallets are just some of my picks, they are by no means the end all be all. Infact it is quite the contrary, there are so many out there worth getting. So many cute wallets and really inexpensive. If

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