Saturday, January 19, 2013

The perfect date night

I so desperately want to take my hubby to a restaurant he has never been too. Get dressed up and go have a great time. In fact I know which restaurant I would take him to. Fishbones, is an amazing restaurant with a fabulous menu. It is a bit on the pricey side but, worth a splurge. Try the macadamia crusted fish, you can't go wrong.  I even know what I would wear, or what I would LIKE to wear.

Yeah, that would be it. Ahhh, but this is something that will have to wait. Wait along with the restaurant and the wine I would want to consume there. (Future thinking) Date nights will become a luxury or a scarcity,babies tend to do that. The impending thought of it makes me want to go on a no baby date before the little ninja arrives. However, my issue right now may prohibit that notion. Gift card to Cheesecake Factory or not, we will be shackled to the house waiting. Until, the day comes where we can.

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