Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out the door,effortless fashion


Picture this, you’re tired and you need to go somewhere. But,you do not want to make too much effort in anything. This includes clothing. Well no fear effortless clothing options are here. I know that with life there are times where you know you should get dressed and be presentable. However, you are just in a state of poopiedom to care or put too much thought into it. So, here is the plan simple clothes, and accessories.
Take a look at the pic above. It looks great right? You betcha! But look how simple it is. A pair of leggings, a sweater, boots, and a bag. DONE. To borrow a page from how Chef Gordon Ramsey shows recipes; leggings on,sweater on, boots on, hair up, add lip gloss. The perfect low key outfit to go anywhere finished. BRILLIANT. There is a diaper bag in the picture this is to show this kind of outfit would work for anyone in a hurry. No real accessories to match up. Hell, throw your hair up in a tail or bun and add gloss, no one would know you just rolled off the couch.
You don’t have to have top designer either.This can be accomplished with any outfit with the basic principal behind it.
Let’s try another.

I love this a cute pair of jeans a white tank, shoes,a bright bag, OR, if you do not have time, mama’s, your diaper bag and look ready for out of the house time. And not even, quick if you have someone call and they are just around the corner on the way to visit. EEEKKK.
Ok so it is date night and you are running behind. You have on a sweater some leggings and just flip-flops on because that is what you were wearing earlier. Want to go from day to night?

Change the shoes,add a simple bracelet, lip gloss, and chic bag or clutch. This is simple and easy to do, hair can be wavy or straight.
Think about how effortless it is fashion shouldn’t be forced or a real effort. But I know sometimes it is an effort to do it.

Autumn Cashmere sweater $189
This sweater is also great for those bloated days too!

Autumn Cashmere $129

This sweater looks comfy,I could so lounge in this as well as wear elsewhere.

Bebe Rodeo Dr tank $49
A great white tank can be such a great investment in the clothing arsenol.

Fendi lace up boots $786.99
These boots are hot! This is a great boot by Fendi, this boot will look great even with a white pair of skinnies or jeans. I want!

Miu Miu $585
Oh another great shoe by Miu Miu, I love it. Do not be scared by sparkle, I have worn glittery shoes bye Steve Madden to the grocery store with just jeans and a cute basic tee.

Juicy Couture Baby $215
This is just all around cute. Adorable.

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