Monday, January 21, 2013

Who knew a babybook could feel like homework!

I got my son's baby book not long after he was shown to be a boy from the ultrasound. I got Carters babybook for boys at Target and was so excited about it! Until I got it home, I opened the book and started to flip through it. I saw the family trees, the how we met, and how mommy told daddy. What I didn't expect was how hard this was going to be. I saw my sister do baby books for her children it honestly can't be that hard,right? Uh buh, it is. This has been an on going project since 18 weeks. I am 33 weeks right now, this damn book sat still in plastic on my desk since week 20. What does that tell you? Tells me I started something and had no clue. Not a clue.
I started the family tree and the how we met, my husband and I , and my doctor's info. That dear friends is where I left it. I recently went back to this blue and green book of doom. Why not, I seriously have the time. I started to fill in the pages, one word answers and one sentence answers. I got to how mommy told daddy, that made me snicker. I remember vividly, but wrote the story like a third grader. Sorry son mommy had a childhood school relapse. I wonder if anyone else has had this issue, please tell me I am not alone. Please!
Moving on, I wrote how my first trimester was, second trimester, which honestly I didn't realize I was past, oops. Second trimester? Ummm 2 words heart burn. Third trimester has had more excitement, a hospital stay and a misbehaving little one. This book also asks for pics, and wow. Where were any pics, I didn't have any. Great. I feel like the first pregnancy failure, where most mamas are taking pics left and right, I haven't. Maternity pics? None, I am confined to a couch and feel just dandy(sarcasm). Joyous isn't it? Yeah, it is.
I hope this homework, I mean baby book, goes more smoothly if not I am doomed.  Seriously doomed, heaven help me.

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