Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pencil Skirt loves!

What is it about pencil skirts that I just love? Is it the stylish and glamorous look of it, where the skirt can take a regular shirt and turn it into a work of art? Is it the simplicity of the skirt? Or, perhaps it is the traditional feel of the look. When paired with the right shoes, jewelry, bag, and make up this piece of clothing can make you feel like a sophisticated lady, or a sexy fashionesta. Who said a skirt had to be above the knee to be considered sexy or “hot”? This skirt is not the skirt of yesteryear.
Here are some great ideas!

Ellen Tracy dahlia pink tweed skirt $48!
So cute and classy this skirt is perfect for work or for a lunch date with the girls. Love this!

Lafayette 148 New York Debra Skirt. $149.00

This pencil skirt comes with a bit of a stretch. In fact this garment is made of stretch wool. Classic and can be dressed up or down.

Stretta black and mauve pecil skirt. $93.99
Feeling a little bold, wake up the office with this great skirt! Pair with a great bag and proper shirt this could be a great piece.

bebe ponte pencil skirt $89.00
Ok, I love this skirt! I love the detail of the leather at the top for just a perfect amount of rocker glam. My concern with this is no matter what, spaghetti sauce would end up on this, whether I am eating it or not.

Burberry pencil skirt. $259.00
I love Burberry! Whenever I see their ads or would walk by a store carrying this line, I would just want to touch everything and look. Their coats and bags are always a classic hit, and yet while so high fashion, their clothing and accessories are so simple. I want this skirt!
These skirts are so simple and basic, it is no wonder why they are a staple in many women’s closets. Certainly was one of mine(just not right now). Professional women or the stay at home mom, I do believe these skirts will stick around for a long time, just with some modern updates here and there.

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