Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hair goods, who knew my struggle.

For years I wanted that beautiful hair. You know, the thickish, shiny, flowing mane, like on the commercials. I wanted what they had and still do. My hair is a curly mop, frizzy,dry, and blah. Not my favorite feature, it is something most people either think "lovely" or "messy". It looks awful, when it rains watch out! Poofsville is on her merry way.
For a long time I have tried to tame the beast, tried a lot of different remedies, some worked, and most didn't. I go to a salon on my wedding day and the girl goes,  your hair is dry. Well, duh, I knew that toots. How embarrassing, all I want ladies and gentlemen is beautiful hair. Doesn't everybody? I have tried putting mayo in my hair to olive oil and still am left with a big hot mess. Hairstylists have yet to fully help me, this I fear is something I have to manage alone.  I tried Paul Mitchell products,did nothing. Tried Panteen, also nothing. I tried different serums and was left feeling a sense of hair doom. I found redken products worked the best, but financial hardship forced me to use something else. I loved their products and as soon as I can I want to go back.
What is prompting me to write this? I actually got a compliment on my lack o luster locks! Holy shit, really? Now mind you I do have a chi turbo, a straightner that has helped me tame my bipolar hair. That's when it dawned on me, what am I doing differently?  I realized vitamins, I added vitamins. Not just vitamins but I found products that work. And they are from the drugstore!
I have become obsessed with sulfate free shampoos and Loreal makes some great ones ! I love the Eversleek by Loreal Paris. I also use their sulfate free humidity control cream, and last but not least my saving grace, Tresemme split ends remedy serum. I use it after my shower, after I use the cream, and then put my hair in a towel for a bit. After it has air dried I add more serum. Wow! 
As far as vitamins  I am currently on prenatals, and I swear it has helped.  I still have that horrible mop, and have to do all I can to get it tame.Layering the product and praying to the hair gods it works.  I had a few rough days this week, was reminded of why the bedsrest. I felt and looked like I did when  I was in the hospital. My hair definitely showed it too but who am I kidding , I wasn't trying to impress anyone.
My wish is to get my hair to where I want and I am thinking about getting hair like Gretchen from real housewives of oc. The color, at least.


  1. I'll have to try Eversleek! I have very curly hair, which I think is a pain in the ass, but I do get lots of compliments. I loved Stick Straight, but it was discontinued...darn it. I'm looking for something new!

  2. I love the ever sleek products, they go on sale quite often. I pair with tresemme split end repair serum and my frizzy curls go smooth. And oh the shine!!!