Friday, January 18, 2013

mascara envy

Every woman wants those long luxurious lashes. The lashes you see on tv and ads in magazines. You know the lashes I'm talking about. Full,thick,healthy ,and almost fake looking.
Whether it is from the drug store or the most prestigious department store , mascara can be   found for any woman. Every company big or small boasts of their mascara being the best. So, which mascara is  the best?  There are so many amazing and great mascaras it's almost impossible to choose one with out being biased.
Clinique high definition mascara

This mascara is a great mascara for everyday use. Use the brush and then the comb through. It lengthens and defines, great product.
Clinique Lash power mascara
This mascara was originally released in the Asia market and was a number one seller. Clinique then brought it here to the states. This mascara lasts through the toughest humidity and removes with hot water. Gives a nice natural look. 
Lancome Hypnose
This mascara offers big voluminous lashes, with out clumps. It also does this with out feeling heavy. I love this mascara.
Christian Dior Dior show mascara 
This mascara also gives volume and fullness, it has been on top beauty lists for several years. It is no wonder why.
Elf makes a great mascara, affordable and still wonderful.
maybelline great lash an oldie but goody.
Loreal makes a great mascara, yes I'm adding more Quick word for thought. Loreal Paris owns Lancome.....hint hint.
Cg lash blast volume, some like it, me? Worst mascara i have used. But flipside I know many women that like.

Dont pump your mascara it will dry out. For thicker lashes use a primer.
 remember to take your makeup off before bed. I like nuetregena towlettes and cliniques gel 
Cleanser, i love lancome bifacil, or take the day off eyes lipsby Clinique. When your mascara  starts to feel clumpy, get a new tube. Mascara does have a shelf life, 6weeks.

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