Sunday, January 6, 2013

Long over due.

Wow, the last time I posted here was in 2011, ever since I got my own blog weppage.  I have neglected this one. I still focus on fashion, but I have also changed my gears to helping others save money in general. I figure this blog will help the other and since both are the same blog, just different in platforms, what could be the harm?
A new bag same ol bag lady...
So, today I ordered my Oscar De La Renta bag, figured it would be a great piece for the spring. I need a new Coach bag, but I got a beautiful diaper bag from my hubby for Chrismas. But I need something for non baby time too.
Back to my original thought, I got a bag from the Target Neiman Marcus line today. At  first I was not sure about getting it, but decided to. I mean for $17 do you blame me? It was originally $59.99, released after Thanksgiving, this bag is better suited for the summer and spring than winter. Also, if you get it be aware it is not made of leather. The bag is made of canvas, if it had been leather can you imagine how much Target would have to price it for. OUCH.

Also I learned this morning if you see something on sale and you want to get it, get it!!!! The graco swing i wanted was regular priced again, craptastic. Oh well, we live and learn. 
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