Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ruby reds

Oh my goodness, Valentines day is coming around the corner. What better way to get into the mood of things by putting on some ruby red puckers.
I love Lancome's red set. The best red lipstick I have ever owned. It is so rich and creamy but never to heavy. Line your lips with the pencil then apply the lipstick. Be sure to blot and then you can apply the gloss. This trick works for any red lipsticks.If you do not have lipliners use a concealer or foundation on the lips. If the color feels too bright or time is an issue, find a great gloss, I love Lancome color fever glosses for quick colors. 

This Calvin Klein gloss is kissable and flavored.

Clinique buttershine lipstick in Parisian red, love this. 
Lancome color fever gloss in Aaron red, love this gloss. I used this to death. 
Christian Dior Dior addict ultra gloss little red dress. Vibrant color but still so very wearable.loves.
Giorgio Armani rouge d'armani 402, not so bright red but good for richer complections. 

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