Monday, January 14, 2013

RHO....guilty pleasure.

Ok, so many people can not stand the real houswives franchise on bravo. Me? I love it. Well, all but the Jersey, Nyc,and Miami housewives. I just can't get into those. But, the others, yeah they   are my guilty pleasure. Nothing  can be more entertaining than these 30-late 40's women fighting and gossiping worse than any highschooler. Really?! But, it is funny to watch. I love the group dynamics of Atlanta, oc, and BH. But, this season on RHOBH it has become a bit hard to watch some of the scenes, the first two seasons the women got along more,now, it is a game of who can cause the most trouble.
Brandi has become a focal point of drama with Adrianne, dramathat Brandi tries not talk about but ends up spilling the beans when people badger and badger her. Lisa seems to have taken a lay low approach. This season is pretty rough.
I just wonder who will be left standing at the end.

Also, where is Giggy?!?

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