Friday, January 18, 2013

Wth Cosmo, Wth indeed!

Ok, I love my magazines especially right now. But what I don't like is when it is time to renew and instead of sending notification, they just go ahead and charge! Yeah, this totally happened today. I am a spaz about my credit cards. Ever since I have had to repair my credit for my home buying experience, I am a paranoid credit freak. I am talking low balances, or no balance. It has helped me so much. My score is good now! But today I was shocked. I went online to check my statements and what did I see? Instead of an 80 bill it was 125, um what?! I started to think about any purchases, none. I haven't used the card since Amazon for a changing table. I even sent in a payment early too. So what was this evil $45 charge? I dove into my account to find out.

Cosmo Magazine, you sneaky sneaky snake.The charge was from them. I never asked for auto renewal, the only magazine that can is my Vogue.So,umm why them? I wasn't even sure I wanted another year. I would have loved the choice. But no,you chose that for me,thanks.

What happened to sending letters about renewal or at least autoemail me for it? So quick to get that subscription you went ahead and did it. Without consent. Now, how is it Vogue can send out renewal notices, as can food and wine,but Cosmo can not? I must say I am baffled. Sad thing is I am not alone. I just hope  I can get a jump on it next year, lesson learned.

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