Friday, January 11, 2013

lipgloss and eyeliners.

Oh I love lipgloss, love it to death. It has been my go to  for any occasion. It is handy for a quick change up and if you are on the go. Perfect  little booster for the day or night.
I think lipgloss and eyeliner is essential for any cosmetic bag in the purse. If you are running late, just grab your eyeliner apply some and put lipgloss on. Bam! That is the perfect little pick up for day and if a night look is needed just add more liner. For some color , keep a colorful shade of liner in your purse cosmetic bag. Just a quick line on the bottom lid for some flair. Of course top with mascara and you are set. Easy right? 
There are many different glosses and liners to choose from, so which to go with Is kind of up to what you are comfortable with. If time is an issue then a pencil or liquid may be neccesary. A gel or cream liner make take time to get on and if you are not comfortable with a brush, it may be a disaster waiting to happen. 
Top with Lancome new Hypnose Starlet mascara, amazjng!

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