Saturday, January 26, 2013

Red dress diva

For years it seems like people have been shy of the red dress. The red dress has symbolized being naughty or a vixen, think back to the film” Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Jessica Rabbit in her long red dress and purple gloves. She was a vixen and the red dress symbolized that. Or when Rhett Butler told Scarlett to “play the part”,making her wear a bright red dress to Ashley’s birthday. You know the dress was to show everyone she was in trouble for being “promiscuous. These are just some of the ways the poor red dress has been misinterpreted, until Julia Roberts wore that red dress in Pretty Woman. Even still today many women are afraid of this gorgeous hued dress. I’m not exactly sure why, ladies can wear neon pants(shudder) but, they can’t wear a cute red dress. Am I missing something?

Calvin Klein $75.99
I love how simple this dress is, so chic and elegant.

Shoshanna $187
This adorable dress would be great day or night. For this dress it would be all about the accessories.

BCBGMAxazria $160
This is just a sweet little dress, I adore sweetheart necklines. Just adorable.

Alexander McQueen $740
Ok, this dress may not look the most amazing but it spoke to me. It is just unique and strangely alluring.

Nicole Miller$139
Another chic choice, but the one thing I want to point out is the color. It is a red but it is a deeper red. More of a red wine color.

Kay Unger $160
This dress is just fun, I love it!

Tahari $59.99
Another great dress, and this one is just a dress you would want to just keep in your clothing arsenol.

Cavalli $439

This is just cute, more of a coral red. Need I say more?

Roccobarocco $249
I love how feminine this is, perfect for Valentines day.

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  1. The last one, fo'sho! But, I'd wear it with peekaboo pumps or something vintage looking, since it has an older era feel to me. I like them all though!