Friday, January 11, 2013

So fun to wear!

I love this outfit! I love the colors and just how much fun it is. Who said you can't follow the season's hottest trends when you feel like a bowling ball carrier. No one! Well, except maybe a few people. People that try to bring down a preggers confidence down, by saying it is a waste of money. I am sorry, but I am over justifying why I bought the clothes for my pregnancy as I have. And I am certainly not alone. I try to understand why some ladies hatematernity clothes. "I will never wear those ugly maternity clothes, I will stay in my regular stuff until I have to". Meanwhile, I am looking down at myself going, um, what is wrong with this? Nothing but compliments on my end. Oh well, perhaps it is that ugly beast rearing its head of horrible clothes long since gone.
But, designers have heard the plea, the cry for help. For God's sake we want stuff that fits well and looks good! Let us not go backwards let's go forwards, who is with me?! After all you don't  want to have this again, do you??
pIc from bellyitch the blog, did no one own a bra then? 

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