Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lipgloss,lipgloss, and more lipgloss

Lipgloss, lipgloss,and more lipgloss.This little tube of perfection can make you feel glamorous and in a second.. It is practical and convenient. A tiny tube of makeup speed. Most women have at least one lipgloss in their purse and some(me) even more. This bit of make up can be subtle or bam in your face and full of color. I love lipgloss so much I had to make another post boasting about it. I Love the stuff and honestly I prefer lipgloss over lipstick anyday of the week.
Elf makes such great products their mineral lipgloss is fabulous and comes in some great shades. Love this stuff And for $3 dollars you can't go wrong.
Elizabeth Arden high shine gloss, another great gloss with some wonderful shades to choose from and not to heavy either. Great stuff here.
Christian Dior Dior Addict gloss another fave of mine, rich colors but not over powering. 

Oh Lancome, I love their color fever gloss except for one thing. It can get tacky feeling. Other than that it is a great gloss. I had it in red!

Chanel this gloss is silky smooth not tacky and has great color. I love my chanel lipgloss! I use it daily. I can not live without it $37 a pop it is my splurge.

Of course I would post mac, duh. Their gloss is full of color and they tons of color choices. What else would you expect? Mac has some great products but their glosses can be a toss up on smooth vs tacky. I know for some people it helps it last longer, for me Iwalk out the door and my hair sticks to my lips. Ew.
Clinique long last glosswear, ahhh this gloss gives a nice tint. Not too strong, it is perfect  for the bit of color or over lipstick. Perfect little tube and it does last pretty well too. 
Well, that is it for now. These are some of the glosses that I like ,which ones do you?

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